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EasyMarkets ReviewAre you looking for a hyper complete and super secure broker platform? EasyMarkets could be right for you!

EasyMarkets is a broker platform that enables you to invest in various securities and underlying assets from the comfort of your home, by accessing the platform both via PC and via Smartphone and offering very interesting and sometimes unique features and options.

In today’s guide you’ll find an entire guide to the possibilities offered by this trader with lots of opinions and reviews. you’ll be able to compare the information with what I have collected on other brokers to choose in absolute autonomy whether or not this is the platform that best suits you.

For convenience, I have grouped the best brokers of the moment in this table

But let’s not get lost in chat further and let’s get down to business!

The platform

EasyTrader is a platform that focuses on a few simple points to make itself attractive especially to novice investors.

No, it’s not a simplistic platform, but rather a system that takes particular account of the standard needs of these who approach the financial markets for the first time or have no particular experience.

In fact, among its most unique features we’ll find the dealCancellation system, which offers (not without related costs) the possibility of canceling a trade made within 1 hour, a system that’s designed precisely for those that have a still uncertain pace, at least on the markets.

easyMarkets platforms

In any case, EasyTrader is one of the most complete CFD / Forex platforms, which offers over 300 different underlyings on which to invest and which has broadly the same characteristics and possibilities generally offered by what are considered the best platforms in the sector.

In today’s guide we’ll learn about its offer and compare it with the rest of the brokers operating with NZ authorization.

Deposit: modality and minimum to start

EasyMarkets offers the possibility to access 4 different accounts, which differ in support and commissions. The minimum deposit to start, to access the standard account, is 100 dollars.

The minimum initial deposit is in line with the lowest offers of brokers operating in our country.

You can deposit money with:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card or prepaid VISA, MasterCard
  • WeChatPay
  • Sofort
  • GiroPay
  • American Express
  • Master
  • Ideal
  • JCB
  • Union Pay
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Webmoney

All major deposit payment channels are available.

EasyTrade, The New Function of EasyMarkets

The novelty of EasyMarkets is Easytrade , a software that allows you to operate with a variable leverage for a certain period of time, based on the volatility of the market.

With this new tool you can select a limited risk you want to take when the profit can be unlimited.

The duration of the trade with variable leverage can be 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours, during which you set the stop loss and you can no longer follow the operation, it’ll close by itself at the preset time.

This new tool is widely wont to protect your profits from the volatility caused by news just in case of open trades.

EasyMarkets commissions

As for the commissions, 4 different plans are offered depending on the kind of account you’re going to open:

  1. For the standard account, with a minimum investment of 100 dollars, we have: 3 pips on EUR / USD, 4 pips on GBP / USD, 0.07 pips on Oil and 0.5 pips on gold.
  2. For the Premium account, with a minimum investment of 1000 dollars, we have: 2.5 pips on EUR / USD, 3.5 pips on GBP / USD, 0.06 on Oil and 0.5 pips on gold.
  3. For the VIP account, with a minimum investment of 2000 dollars, we have: 1.8 pips on EUR / USD, 3 pips on GBP / USD, 0.05 on oil and 0.45 on gold.
  4. For the SuperVIP account, with a minimum investment of 2000 dollars, we have: 1 pip on EUR / USD, 1.7 pips on GBP / USD, 0.04 on oil and 0.35 on gold.

Keep in mind that the commission profile, as happens on the bulk of broker platforms, benefits those who have more substantial capital to invest.

We are on average on the same level of costs that we encounter with similar brokers, and this specific aspect of EasyMarkets shouldn’t be a reason for preference for the platform.

Safety and reliability

Good news! In terms of IT security, the most advanced cryptographic systems are used for both the browser version and the App version, which guarantee the security of the data transmitted and access to your account.easymarkets, easymarkets reviews

The capitals paid into the platform are always kept separate, as prescribed by the MiFID regulations, from the corporate ones.

This means that even in the case of platform difficulties, creditors won’t be able to retaliate on the capital of us that we’ve invested.

We are faced with a broker who makes security for its customers a reason to be proud . In short, you can sleep more than peacefully by investing in EasyMarkets.

Withdrawal: methods and timing

The withdrawal is immediate, and will only take the technical times for the transfer, which don’t depend on the platform. Among the immediate transfers we find:

  • Credit card or prepaid VISA, MasterCard
  • WeChatPay
  • Sofort
  • GiroPay
  • American Express
  • Master
  • Ideal
  • JCB
  • Union Pay
  • Neteller
  • For Skrill we have 24 hours, while for transfers from 3 to 7 days.

These are more than adequate times, even if compared to what’s offered by the best broker platforms available on the market.

Lots: minimum size

As for the lots, we have adequate minimum sizes and in line with what we’ve invested:

  • For the investment with Standard account we start with lots of size 0.01-0.05.
  • For the investment with Premium account we start with lots of size 0.05.
  • For the investment with VIP account we start from lots of size 0.01 up to 1.
  • For the investment with SuperVIP account we start from many variable size and completely negotiable.

Peculiarities: products and tools

The main peculiarity offered by EasyMarkets is certainly, as i discussed before, the dealCancellation system , a system that allows you to cancel trades within 1 hour , in case you no longer want to keep that position or if you have to re-evaluate .

It is a unique system , which isn’t offered by any of the platforms we’ve available in Europe and which certainly makes the whole issue much more interesting, especially for novice investors.

However, it’s worth remembering in this circumstance that dealCancellation isn’t automatically active, but must be set on each individual trade , with variable costs depending on the amount invested.


If the positive side is to contain potential losses , the negative side is that despite whether or not the system is really used, you’re going to pay a little insurance.

Products offered

Among the products offered by EasyMarkets we find:


  • Forex currencies : with a choice of all the best and most traded pairs on the currency markets, including NOK, CNH, SEK, TRY, PLN, MXN, or not just those that are currencies that you are hardly able to find on non-specialized platforms.easymarkets, how easymarkets works
  • Metals : with EasyMarkets it’s also possible to invest in gold, silver, platinum, with a fleet of metals that’s among the most supplied among those of the platforms authorized to work in Europe.
  • Commodities : both agricultural and energy ones. Coffee, wheat, sugar, oil, natural gas. The platform also offers an excellent assortment for this category of underlyings.
  • Indices : you can choose to invest with CFDs on semi-automatically managed ETFs; there are 14 different ones and they replicate the performance of all the main world stock market indices.
  • Cryptocurrencies : Cryptocurrencies have also recently been included within the EM lists. For the instant it’s possible to invest in Ripple, Ethereum and Bitcoin. The choice is relatively poor, at least when compared to that of other platforms that have moved earlier and with greater decision on this specific segment.

The assortment of underlyings is certainly adequate, but not suitable for those who would like to invest perhaps in stocks (other platforms allow it), bonds or other cryptocurrencies. However, if you are determined to invest in one of the sectors we’ve listed above, you should in no way have problems

Financial leverage

The leverage offered by this platform is up to 1:30 , with a reduction by sector of underlyings such as cryptocurrencies, and sometimes precious metals.

The leverage offered is standard for all different accounts.

There are certainly platforms that offer more leverage , but it’s worth remembering in this specific circumstance that a leverage of 1:30 is more than enough to operate with absolute peace of mind , with any type of capital you may have available.

Unlikely, especially in relatively volatile markets, you should need to resort to larger levers.

Demo platform

On EasyMarkets there’s the possibility to operate through a free demo account , which allows you to access all investments and all platforms made available by EM.

With the demo platform you’ll therefore operate through WebTrader or MetaTrader 4, with the ability to test your strategies (and learn how to use the EasyMarkets reference platforms) without having to risk real capital.

Training courses

As for the educational section of EasyMarkets, we are in the presence of a network that offers webinars, blogs, eBooks and insights.easymarkets, easymarkets views

In particular:

Webinars that are organized every Tuesday, at 18:00 Italian time and provide in-depth analysis on issues concerning the underlying and the trading strategies that can be used on the platform.

Ebook for beginners and professionals, on technical analysis and trader psychology.

Insights on topics such as economic indicators, the platforms that you can use through EasyMarkets, with the presence of a glossary to understand all the terms.

In-depth videos on topics such as Forex, Metals, Commodities, investment strategies and economic history.

EasyMarkets educational offer is relatively complete, also suitable for those who are taking their first steps on the reference markets, even if organized in a less organic way than other platforms that I have been able to analyze.

Customer care

For the support EasyMarkets offers the telephone option and the one via e-mail, with answers that on the average are provided within a couple of hours.

For those who need faster contacts, they can also contact the sales office via Facebook Messenger, Viber and live chat through the site.

The customer service offered is for quality and timeliness in line with what we’ve found for other competing brokers.

What are you waiting for? All you have to do is check in and start getting familiar with this platform to start making your earnings bear fruit.

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