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Mike TonnyOn this website I present our personal experience in the retail trading sector and provide you with professional information on the subject of stock exchange trading.

Starting as a complete beginner, I tried my hand at short-term day-to-day trades on the stock exchange (options). Like any newcomer, I lost all of my capital in the beginning. Multiple coaching sessions also turned out to be helpless. Was it up to the coaches or was it me?

Packed with ambition, I searched the majority of the Internet for suitable trading strategies. After more than 5 years of unsuccessful trading, I finally managed to make a profit over several months thanks to a sophisticated system of rules. Successful trading also includes the right trading style. Everyone needs their own trading style. Another trader’s copy will not work because your own market experience plays a big role.

After my research, it turned out that there is an overabundance of useless and out-of-the-way information about trading in any area of ​​the market. On this blog you will only find the information that you really need. In addition to studying “International Economics”, I am active in short-term scalping and long-term investing.

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